‘BJP like Ganga, Constitution not Gita, can be changed in national interest’ — Union minister Shekhawat

‘BJP like Ganga, Constitution not Gita, can be changed in national interest’ — Union minister Shekhawat

Jodhpur: The BJP is like the Ganga which has small tributaries merging into it, Union Minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat told ThePrint when asked about corruption tainted politicians joining the party in the run up to the Lok Sabha elections. 

In an interview, the BJP leader also rebutted the Opposition’s allegation that the Modi government was bent on changing the Constitution, saying that whatever decision would be taken shall be done in the interest of the country.

The Constitution allows for changes to be made and all parties have done it, he said.

“Even during the tenure of the Congress, changes were made to the Constitution. So many amendments have taken place, did they not happen during the Congress tenure?”  

The Jal Shakti Minister is looking for a third consecutive term from the Jodhpur Lok Sabha constituency where he is pitted against Karan Singh Uchiyarda, a new contender for the Congress. 

Shekhawat said an attempt is being made to spread a “pseudo false narrative” regarding the minorities in the country.

“In 2014 when Modiji was contesting to become the PM, a narrative was built that the minority community would have to leave India if he became the PM. Was anyone asked to leave? Did anyone face any issue while living in India? … The government is working on the mantra of ‘Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Vishwas, aur Sabka Prayas’,” he added. 

“You see changes have been made to the Constitution. For doing away with Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir, changes were required in the Constitution and the BJP did it. Because it was in the interest of the nation. When we had to give reservation to economically weaker sections of the society, we did make changes to the Constitution as it was in the interest of the country,” he explained. 

“Wherever there is a need and it is in the interest of the nation, provision exists within the Constitution to make such changes. Bharat’s Constitution is not like the Gita in which we have a set number of ‘shlokas’ (verse) and they can’t be changed at all.

“B.R. Ambedkar had made such arrangements to ensure in the future if a need for changing the Constitution arose, it could happen for the benefit of the country. There is a process defined for it and if it is in the interest of the nation, why shouldn’t it be done?” he asked  

There has been uproar after BJP leaders like Anantkumar Hegde, Lallu Singh, Jyoti Mirdha and, more recently, Arun Govil, made statements about the BJP looking for the 400-mark in Parliament for amending the Constitution.

Asked about the charges of tainted leaders joining the BJP, he likened the party like a big family akin to the Ganga which assimilates everything into it. Shekhawat further justified it by pointing out that the Jan Sangh had started with five leaders and today BJP has become the world’s largest political party. 

“Those who joined the BJP over a period of time were not politically free? They must have come from somewhere. The BJP’s ‘parivar’ (family) is a big parivar like the  Ganga, with many small tributaries merging into it. The Ganga flows encompassing everyone in its vast expanse, and everyone gets absorbed into it. If some people cannot be absorbed, they will evaporate, touched by the sun,” he added. 

According to the Hindu beliefs, a dip in the Ganga is said to wash away the sins. The Congress has launched a “washing machine” campaign against the BJP, saying that the corrupt come out “clean” after joining the BJP.

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Slugfest over water woes

Out on the campaign trail, Shekhawat does not miss a chance to take a swipe at senior Congress leader and former chief minister Ashok Gehlot.

Mai jadugar nahi hu. Lekin aapke pani ki samasya mai hal zaroor karunga (I am not a magician but I will definitely solve your water problem),” he told a group of people in Balesar village in Jodhpur district. 

Though he lost the state election in December, Gehlot is known in the political circles of Rajasthan as ‘Jadugar’ (magician) for his wily and astute ways. Both the senior leaders are said to be rivals in the state.

“When we started work under the leadership of PM Modi to ensure every household gets tap water, only 16 percent of the country used to get water. Today 76 percent of households are getting water,” Shekhawat told the residents. 

“Unfortunately in Rajasthan for the past five years, we had a Congress government which gave preference to politics over the thirst of people. Despite providing them all financial help and resources, they did not do their work. It is because of their failure that today Rajasthan is reeling under water crisis.”   

Across Jodhpur district, ThePrint found Shekhawat’s posters and billboards depicting him as someone who has delivered on his promises. A common refrain in all his speeches is the water crisis, Ram Mandir and how the Modi government took steps to tackle terrorism. 

A senior BJP leader said that the party is confident of a win and is ensuring that anti-incumbency factor doesn’t affects Shekhawat’s prospects. “There is anti-incumbency and the water crisis is something that everyone is talking about. But our entire campaign is focused on PM Modi, and we are confident that people will vote for us,” said a state functionary.

The opposition has been targeting Shekhawat for his failure to bring solution to the water crisis in Jodhpur. “Despite being a cabinet minister you could not do anything for your constituency forget about the entire state and water remains an issue in that scenario you should have simply quit,” Uchiyarda told ThePrint.  

But Shekhawat, in the interview to ThePrint, alleged that the erstwhile Ashok Gehlot government stalled water projects of the  ‘Har Ghar Nal Se Jal’ scheme resulting in the water crisis in Jodhpur. 

“Congress was aware that if water reaches every household in the state they will not be able to come back to power for the next 50 years. Congress committed a sin against people of Rajasthan and kept them thirsty for their political gains,’ said Shekhawat. 

He further claimed that the Congress government did not start the work on the third phase of the lift canal project in time and due to which many of the villages are now facing drinking water shortage. 

Describing himself an “accidental politician”, Shekhawat said in the BJP, it is the leadership which decides what position a party worker or leader gets. “If the organisation feels that I can be utilised somewhere else then I can be sent there too. It is only in the BJP that a common worker can go on to become the chief minister of the state,” he added. 

When asked about infighting within the Rajasthan unit, the BJP leader refused to go much into it. “Politics is all about competition and small differences in politics is a common phenomena. It has been there, is still there and will be there in the future, too.”

(Edited by Tony Rai)

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