Apple AirPods With IR Cameras Set for Mass Production by 2026: Report

Apple AirPods With IR Cameras Set for Mass Production by 2026: Report

According to a report by Kuo, Apple is set for mass production of AirPods with a significant upgrade by 2026. These new AirPods will incorporate infrared (IR) cameras like those used in iPhones for Face ID. This upgrade aims to improve spatial audio and introduce new gesture interactions, advancing user experience and technology integration.

Improving Spatial Audio

The upcoming AirPods by Apple will enhance spatial audio by adjusting sound direction as you move your head, improving immersion during activities like video watching. They will also enable gesture-based control over sound emphasis, offering users a more intuitive and personalized audio experience.

IR Camera Functionality

The new AirPods will come with an IR camera, like the iPhone used for Face ID. This camera can spot changes in your surroundings and let you control things by moving your hands in the air.

Manufacturing and Supply

Foxconn will make the IR cameras for the new AirPods, aiming to produce millions each year. The number depends on how many people want to buy them. It plans to produce 18-20 million AirPods each year, which is about 10 million pairs.

Strategies and Technologies

Apple is focusing on making all its gadgets, software, and services work together smoothly. They see spatial computing, like in the new AirPods, as a big opportunity to improve how everything connects. Alongside these upgrades, Apple is also exploring other cool gadgets like smart glasses and a smart ring. These efforts show Apple’s dedication to making tech that’s not only smarter but also more connected and convenient for users in the future.

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