Astar Network Emerges as Preferred Blockchain for Global Enterprises

Astar Network Emerges as Preferred Blockchain for Global Enterprises

Astar Network Emerges as Preferred Blockchain for Global Enterprises

Astar Network has solidified its position as a leading blockchain platform for global enterprises, according to The recent Yoki Origins campaign, which marked the launch of Astar zkEVM, demonstrated the network’s potential by onboarding numerous projects and achieving significant milestones.

Launch of Astar zkEVM

Astar Network introduced Astar zkEVM, a Layer 2 network that offers fast processing speeds and low gas costs while maintaining Ethereum’s security. The platform allows seamless asset transfers from Ethereum and features extended tools such as credit card payments, making it user-friendly for global enterprises.

Key features of Astar zkEVM include:

  • Development environment identical to Ethereum
  • 95% to 98% lower gas costs compared to Ethereum
  • Fast processing for a smooth user experience
  • Extended tools like credit card payments
  • Designed for ease of use for global companies

About Yoki Origins

Yoki Origins was a campaign launched to celebrate Astar zkEVM. Participants could earn and evolve NFTs of ‘Yoki’, an original Astar Network character. The campaign featured capsule machines called ‘YoPorts’ that dispensed NFTs from various Web3 projects, artists, and Web2 firms.

Notable participants included:

  • BitGet × SUZUKI (Jimny NFT Collaboration Model)
  • Candy Girl (Twin Planet)
  • City Pop Tokyo (Asobisystem×Upbond)
  • DenDekaDen (Strata × Toei Animation)
  • HIS
  • JAL
  • JR Kyushu
  • Trekki NFT (

The campaign resulted in over 3 million NFTs minted and daily transactions reaching up to 100,000. Key milestones achieved include:

  • 100,000+ daily transactions
  • 3 million+ NFT mints
  • 10 enterprise participants
  • 40+ Web3 projects

Yoki Origins Interviews

Post-campaign, several participating companies shared their experiences and future plans:


CASIO celebrated its 50th anniversary by launching CASIO WATCHES NFT at Yoki Origins. The company appreciated the campaign’s ease of entry and noted the positive feedback from customers exposed to new creators through the NFTs. CASIO aims to expand its Web3 initiatives across various industries, including education and musical instruments.


HIS collaborated with local VTubers to create NFTs that highlighted new tourism resources in Japan. The company plans to continue developing Web3 projects like Traveler’s Canvas and aims to create new value in its products and services through Web3.


JAL, in collaboration with Hakuhodo, distributed 10,000 Origami NFTs during Yoki Origins. The company plans to offer regional experiences and benefits to NFT holders and is looking forward to new Web3 initiatives.

JR Kyushu

JR Kyushu participated in Yoki Origins to expand its user base and promote tourism in Kyushu and Japan. The company plans to use Astar Network Mainnet and Astar zkEVM to provide new experiences and incentives through NFTs.


The Yoki Origins campaign highlighted Astar Network’s robust ecosystem and its ability to attract significant interest from both Web3 and traditional enterprises. With its technical advantages and comprehensive support, Astar Network continues to be a top choice for companies looking to enter the Web3 space.

The participation of well-known companies in Yoki Origins, both from Japan and globally, paves the way for further international collaborations, solidifying Astar Network’s position as a leading blockchain platform.

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