BitMEX Implements Index Weights Update for Q3 2024

BitMEX Implements Index Weights Update for Q3 2024

BitMEX Implements Index Weights Update for Q3 2024

BitMEX, a prominent cryptocurrency exchange, has officially updated its index weights as part of its quarterly review for Q3 2024. The changes went live on June 28, 2024, at 04:00 UTC, as announced on the BitMEX Blog.

Details of the Update

The updated index weights are part of BitMEX’s ongoing efforts to ensure that their indices accurately reflect the market. The hypothetical values of the indices with the new weights have been published under the “NEXT” index family, such as .BXBT_NEXT. This update aims to provide traders with more precise and current market data.

Implications for Traders

For traders, the updated index weights mean that the valuation of various assets will now be calculated differently, which could impact trading strategies and portfolio valuations. BitMEX encourages users to review the changes and adjust their trading strategies accordingly.


Index weight updates are a routine part of BitMEX’s operations and are essential for maintaining the accuracy and reliability of their indices. These updates are typically scheduled every quarter, reflecting changes in the market environment and asset performance.

For further details on the updated index weights, traders can visit the official BitMEX blog.

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