Gala Games’ Legacy Challenges Players with Competitive Design Competitions

Gala Games’ Legacy Challenges Players with Competitive Design Competitions

Gala Games' Legacy Challenges Players with Competitive Design Competitions

Gala Games is raising the stakes for players of its popular game, Legacy, by introducing competitive design competitions. This innovative feature challenges players to leverage their entrepreneurial skills to create and market products, with the ultimate goal of securing $GALA rewards, according to Gala News.

Design Competitions – Gems Making Gems

In Legacy, success hinges on strategic time and resource management. Players must efficiently manage their workforce to design and ship products, ultimately competing for Gems. These Gems are crucial as they are the entry tickets for the Design Competitions, which offer the coveted Legacy Tickets convertible to $GALA rewards.

Gem Packs are available for purchase in varying quantities from the Gala Games store, ensuring players can always participate in competitions when ready. As players advance and build their business empires, they unlock higher leagues with more substantial prizes, albeit at higher Gem entry costs.

Unlocking Design Competitions

Players are only allowed to participate in Design Competitions when deemed ready by their benefactors. Once eligible, players receive notifications about upcoming competitions, including a countdown timer. Early stage competitions focus on two main objectives:

  1. Most Sales: Players aim to create fast-moving products, proving their ability to meet high demand.
  2. Most Revenue: These contests prioritize generating the most cash, encouraging players to design complex and expensive items while maintaining a balance with production speed.

Limited Market

A critical aspect of Legacy is understanding the market limitations for products. Players must navigate a finite market, with each product having a specific demand cap. Effective management involves continuously planning for the next product while ensuring worker productivity and stamina during competition periods.

Design Competitions typically last an hour, requiring players to shift products multiple times. Success in these competitions demands not just speed but also endurance and strategic resource management.

Legacy’s design competitions offer a unique blend of strategy and entrepreneurship, challenging players to think critically and act swiftly. For those yet to experience the game, Gala Games encourages new players to join as either landowning Guild Leaders or Legacy Key players within existing guilds.

For more information and to start building your legacy, visit Gala Games.

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