Mirandus Development Roadmap: Key Milestones for Q3 and Q4 2024

Mirandus Development Roadmap: Key Milestones for Q3 and Q4 2024

Mirandus Development Roadmap: Key Milestones for Q3 and Q4 2024

Gala Games has unveiled its roadmap for the development of the highly anticipated MMORPG, Mirandus, detailing key milestones for the third and fourth quarters of 2024. As the game progresses towards its release, the focus is on incremental victories that build on previous successes, according to Gala News.

Small Steps Heading Towards Big Leaps

In Q3 2024, Gala Games aims to achieve several significant milestones that, while appearing incremental, are vital for the game’s exploration readiness. The first major target is set for July, where the team plans to fully test the infrastructure and processes of the release pipeline. By this time, core gameplay mechanics should be refined, with engineering analytics identifying key weaknesses and priorities as the project moves towards live servers.

As September approaches, the second milestone focuses on establishing a workable system for all basic crafting recipes, including related art and gameplay integrations. This foundational system will undergo testing and optimization before being expanded with additional items, setting the stage for future enhancements.

A Strong End to 2024

Gala Games plans to ramp up its ambitions as 2024 draws to a close. Building on the fundamentals established in Q3, Mirandus will start to resemble a fully-fledged world. The third milestone, targeted for October, aims to deliver a solid first pass on combat and analytics systems. These initial systems, while basic, are crucial for creating an engaging gameplay experience.

By December, the fourth major milestone aims to introduce a basic version of deed and building placement within the game, focusing initially on structures related to food, armor, and weapons. Additionally, a functional user interface for store management and extended gameplay sessions will be implemented.

Into the Future

While game development often encounters unforeseen challenges, Gala Games is confident that its goals for the next six months are realistic and achievable. Beyond 2024, the focus will shift towards enhancing the depth of the world of Mirandus. This phase will see the full realization of Exemplars and Materium in-game, along with the refinement of enemies, bosses, and dungeons.

The year 2024 is poised to lay the foundation for Mirandus, with 2025 expected to build on this groundwork to create a rich and immersive game world.

The Journey and the End of the Path

Summarizing the development of a large-scale project like Mirandus into itemized milestones can sometimes obscure the significant progress made in refining seemingly minor systems. In the expansive world of Mirandus, each system is interdependent, contributing to a cohesive and engaging player experience.

While the milestones set for 2024 might seem less thrilling compared to what’s on the horizon, the work done in the coming months is essential for ensuring that Exemplars can fully explore and enjoy the wild lands of Mirandus by 2025.

Gala Games will continue to provide regular updates as the year progresses, keeping the community informed and excited about the upcoming developments in Mirandus.

For more information, visit the original announcement on Gala News.

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