Sei Network Opens Access to Parallel EVM Blockchain

Sei Network Opens Access to Parallel EVM Blockchain

Sei Network Opens Access to Parallel EVM Blockchain

Sei Network has officially announced the launch of its much-anticipated parallel EVM blockchain, Sei v2 mainnet beta, which is now accessible to the public. This development marks a significant milestone in Sei’s mission to build the fastest blockchain optimized for the exchange of digital assets.

Accelerating the Ethereum Ecosystem

Sei v2 aims to enhance the Ethereum ecosystem by providing developers with the opportunity to build on what is claimed to be the most performant EVM blockchain available. The parallelized EVM architecture of Sei v2 is expected to unlock a broader design space for low-latency, censorship-resistant applications.

Evolution and Ecosystem Growth

Since the Sei v2 devnet launch in February and its alpha launch in June, Sei has rapidly evolved into a vibrant ecosystem. The platform has seen the deployment and growth of decentralized exchanges (DEXes), both familiar and new, as well as NFT marketplaces, lending, and liquid staking services on its Pacific-1 mainnet.

Leading wallets, bridges, security providers, oracles, and analytics services have integrated with Sei v2, enabling developers to build highly performant and resilient decentralized applications (dApps). New use cases, such as hybrid orderbook DEXes, are also emerging, pushing the boundaries of what is possible on Sei v2.

Invitation to Developers

The Sei Foundation is extending an invitation to developers and innovators to join their ecosystem. The Foundation emphasizes its commitment to empowering builders to leverage the high performance of the Sei v2 blockchain.

Developers interested in building on Sei v2 can access the revamped documentation available on the Sei Network’s official site. The Foundation encourages EVM builders to explore the opportunities presented by Sei v2 and contribute to its growing ecosystem.

For more information and updates, developers and enthusiasts are encouraged to follow the official Sei Network account on social media and browse existing offerings on the Sei ecosystem page.

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